Sunday, March 8, 2009

This was written to a young animation student who was examining religion and god.

Peter, when I was young I was forced to go to church and indoctrinated in Christianity. Part of me still believes or wishes that it were all true to some degree because my brain was too young to dispute it. It is like Santa, a childhood fantasy that colors my thoughts still. They discovered if you do not indoctrinate children by 16 years old that the chances of getting them to buy Christ was virtually gone. We visit this cruelty on our children and expect them to come out normal. Amazing.

We are taught by religion to hate and to dismiss important things like science , reality and this plane of existence for some fantasy afterlife. Now say you are god and a microbe is us ( not as smart, large or powerful as we are ) , would you as a god want that microbe to worship you ? Really ? Of course not. We are not alone but it is not god who is with us, it's our friends , our family and the entire world filled with people like us . Just like you and me.

It's high time we started treating each other better. That we stop trying to pretend we are smarter or more powerful than we are. We are fragile little bags of water and our life spans are incredibly tiny in comparison to the universe. Do we really think there is a any good time for war or hate ? No, of course not . If we were anywhere as intelligent as we thought we were war would have ceased to exist. We must face the facts that our perspectives are warped and twisted by political ambition, greed and religions need to keep the population as ignorant.

If someone said "Well there is this guy that lives in the sky , gives virgins babies who get tortured and murdered to take on our sins ", sin being a form of shame that this guy in the sky came up with , would you really believe them ? Would you ? Now suppose that the person telling you this is wearing a jeweled dress and a big jeweled crown and who's order had a history of child molestation ? On any other planet we would consider this person a complete mental case and have them put away for their own good yet here we not only let them roam free, we put them in the same category as a doctor , lawyer or some other figure of trust . How is that possible ? We are damaged and we need to reassess. Believe in whatever you need to but make it your belief and not some cults dogma. If you have a relationship with your creator make it your relationship and not a version of some fake prophets pulpit speech. We are here to find and explore life, not to explain it. Have fun.


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pe1biv said...

Hm.. Darlie, somehow I missed this one earlier.
I fully agree..