Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's about....

Often I get letters asking me if a person should transition. Here is one reply.

Dear ****.

Quite a letter ! I'm reading a lot of "sex" , "masturbation", " aroused", "fantasy" ... much of your letter seem to be centered around it. Being transsexual is not really about those things and I fear for you if that is entirely your basis my love . You need to be sure about your feelings so what you need is to talk to a professional who can help you explore them . Boobs, a vagina , or even female clothes. While these are things you may get during your journey they are not the journey. The journey is to love who you are , regardless of your gender. Everything else is totally insignificant.

Full transition is brutal, expensive and long. It is not for the weak of heart so it is essential you have no doubts . You must be prepared to live without sexuality if you have SRS and things don't go well . If you have even the slightest doubt don't do it because the hardest part is not living female but what your living female will do to others. Family , friends , loved ones . We can tolerate the indignities that we suffer but it is the cruelty they are treated with that is the hardest to bare. For me ? There was no transition. I felt no change . I am no different as a person really, just happy for once in my life. Sex is not even a factor. I feel .... like I have lived in a prison my entire life and for this last part I was set free. People ask if it was painful but all I feel is a joy that is so soul deep it is not describable.

Now to your question.

"So, the question Im asking is would you recommend me to transgender into a female during the present? "

That is something no one but you can answer because my desires have nothing to do with your life. Just know that testosterone damage ( brow ridges, male jaw and bone structure ) increases with time and it is a hard road back. If you are truly transsexual the earlier you can transition the more you can save yourself some truly horrid and expensive surgery. The one question you need to ask yourself is " How do I see myself when I am old " ?