Thursday, July 16, 2009

“Transgender Bathrooms” and other such nonsense

This is a response to GOPMOM and her wacky blog on hate crime legislation. I've decided to edit it down to a manageable side. She was so traumatized after our responses she deleted my comments and blocked me at my domain.


I must admit , as provoking as I found your statements I also found myself chuckling from time to time at how massively uninformed you are . I hope you are up to a debate and are as willing to bring clarity to your statements as you are to push them on the public. I will try not to stereotype your position but to be honest your words seem no more original than the talking points most neocons use. A Goldwater republican myself I find the word "republican" used far too often when the term "hardcore religious terrorist " often applies. Lets start shall we ?

" propose that civil rights and hate crimes legislation does little to change people’s minds, if anything and might just possibly increase prejudice because of perceived preference."-GOPMOM

And !

"Everyone has the right .... All citizens already have the right to live safely and peacefully, without threat of harassment or injury. ""-GOPMOM

Well no they don't ! Women, blacks and gays had to fight for the vote and for laws against violence (and as you may note gay people still can't marry ). The idea that this came without legislation is down right knee slapping ! These changes just happened on their own did they ? Just a quote from MLK:

" It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important. "
Martin Luther King, Jr.

On your hiding your hate for transgender people so poorly:

"I do not hate transgender people but I also do not want to have to explain to my thankfully blissfully innocent 10 year old what a transgender person is and how they achieve “congruity”. " -GOPMOM

Why are you so lazy ? How do we explain to our kids you let these disgusting priests hurt children ? We have to explain to our kids why you Catholic cultists worship a nonexistent Santa Claus in the sky that supposedly gives virgins "messiah" babies ! ! Never mind the wacky " burn in hell " baloney you spread to mentally torture underage children with ! That is the definition of child abuse is it not ? To terrorize children with lies ? Lets be honest shall we, that's pretty stupid and immature for a grown up adult to be telling kids idiotic things like that . You really should be ashamed.

No one cares about what you and your Catholic cult believe . It's fascinating the chronic apathy you get from catholics when the church admits that no less than 5000 priests have molested children , that none were prosecuted, that the church moved them around , that the church wrote a secret doctrine to intimidate and threaten the children with excommunication for speaking of it ! Yet you are so terribly fascinated with the nonexistent fantasy crimes of a child who has a gender schism ! So how many crimes have these transgender children committed ? Oh wait , NONE ! There isn't one single "bathroom " crime that I know of ! Yet you worship these catholic men in dresses and jeweled women's hats that molest your own children ?!!! YET YOU GO ON AND ON ABOUT THE "POSSIBILITY " OF SOME GENDER CONFUSED KID POSSIBLY CAUSING THE FIRST CASE OF MOLESTATION OF THIS SORT EVER ??! I am in AWE of such a blatantly illogical assumption.

98% of all child molesters self identify as "heterosexual" , even in the case of same sex molestation yet you good "republicans" don't do any more about that then you do the fondling of your children by your "good men of the cloth ". I am firmly committed to the need to license parents as the majority of you are hopelessly confused about reality. Picking on some poor little kid because they don't see the world your way , how incredibly immature .

"Being surrounded by these people today, I realized that these are some of the saddest souls I will ever encounter. Giving them some false sense of hope or acceptance with crappy legislation will not change the fact that their lives are profoundly different than most of us, that they will suffer horribly."-GOPMOM

Lol ! Oh really ?! The lady you are talking to Debra ( a lawyer with Navy service I might add ) is one of three of us in our building , all of us self sufficient and self supporting and NOT ON WELFARE DESPITE LIVING WITH BIGOTS LIKE YOURSELF ! In fact all the transgender people I know are doctors , lawyers , programmers , professors , artists , entertainers and just as happy as we are . Even after having to deal with the occasional ritualized ignorance from your cults . Of out of 400 or so of my friends , about 80 are transsexual and I hear no more whining from them then I do the average person. That you know no transgender people is obvious from your statements but take heart because rather than judge you tit for tat as a pedophiliac child abuser ( from my limited experience with catholics ) I'll give you the benefit of the doubt .

"I do not have to condone a lifestyle/way of living/way of correcting/whatever you want to call it to see the need for some sort of protection"

Condone a "lifestyle" ? Is this like your now defunct stance on global warming where we have to wait for your ignorance to be slapped out of you by facts ?(wasn't it hilarious when Bush had to admit publicly global warming was real after all his work to say it wasn't ? I laughed and laughed ! ) Who cares if you approve anything. We would rather you just stop lying about things you haven't a clue about. Your lack of knowledge about the subjects you are speaking on is obvious even to casual observers and rather than furthering the debate becomes some hilarious sideshow where people are laughing at your crippled argument limp around publicly and making is all feel sorry for your family.

"Lifestyle " . If the best you can do is mimic the ignorance of the crowd I suggest you consult real experts who offer more than your one line musings on the transgendered . You are clearly out of your depth .


“Wow, Darlie, you’re a nut, aren’t you?”-GOPMOM

So, that was your best response GOPMOM ? One line ? I’m sorry , you are doing nothing to dispel the imagery of a raving religious crazy who believes in some wacky 2000 year old , fake , invisible god , one who is just fine and content to let her cults crossdressing leaders molest her children while persecuting a child who just because she does not see the world in just your closed minded way . I’m nuts ? At least before I speak on a subject I research and I have a clue what I am talking about while you apparently revel in your lack of information !

Oh I know , you all hate that word “proof” and prefer to live life factless but I must insist you try. You have spoken in front of our government claiming some divine insight into “the problem ” yet I see nothing but a farcical pretense at common sense (and common is a vast understatement , rather pedestrian ).

“I’m reminded of the wisdom of my father when he says “the reason the criminals are always one step ahead of us is because we don’t think like the criminals.” -GOPMOM

Oh but you do ! Over and over and over !

“Our schools should not be used as vehicles to further the political agenda of a statistically insignificant group of people who seek to flaunt the traditions and mores of our society.”-GOPMOM

You spout condemnation of people you know nothing about, you attack parents who have suffered trying to deal with the self doubt and guilt that comes with having a transgender child qnd you attack children that do not have an adults ability to respond to the disgusting evil your sick mind can dream up . You are the same people that support reparative therapy for gays and transgenders because you are just too darn lazy to research ! Oh forget the suicides it causes , the destruction of lives, GOPMOM enjoys being thick because she cannot face anything that doesn’t fit in her world of “virgin births”. How proud you must be..

Oh yes dear I’m a nut ! A 30 year animator who’s enjoyed a 6 figure income and NEVER TAKEN A DIME FROM OUR GOVERNMENT EVER ! I’ve paid more in one years income tax than you have probably made in a year. I paid for my education, I paid for my gender correction so you don’t have the right to call me “sad and unhappy “. Your ignorance is a threat to all humanity and the fact you wear it with such pride only points to how lost you are . Try “listening” to one of the families you are talking about and learn something rather than babbling ridiculous hypotheticals based on even more ridiculous factless theories. There is no way on earth this bill could be as bad as the argument you have just fabricated .


FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2009

And the GOPMOM censors and locks the thread.
These responses were deleted before GOPMOM gave herself the last word and in an act of cowardice locked the thread. Knowing that no christian terrorist can stand opposition for more than mere moments I archived my responses.

July 17, 2009 at 7:51 pm

“I never invoked my church, you did. “-GOPMOM

Funny, this was in your opening statement .

” as a white woman, as a stay-home mom, as a Christian Catholic, as a conservative and Republican”-GOPMOM

” I never accused anyone of committing any crime”-GOPMOM

Oh really ?

“Must we now be subjected to guessing whether or not one of the other patrons in the restroom is a disguised maniac waiting to attack? “-GOPMOM

You created the fear of a crime yet to occur. Perhaps you could dwell on the thousands of victims your catholic cult hurts.

” Actually, he’s( her husband ) not a citizen”-GOPMOM

Ah, an illegal alien living off our taxes. Oh don’t you love foreigners who have opinions on something they haven’t the guts to join. Was he an overseas bride because no one here would have you ?

“And just so that we’re clear - I strongly believe that many of the priests/church members who stood by and did nothing, or committed horrific crimes against children or women themselves, are in Hell”

Would that happen to include the pope ?

” What purpose does it serve to have a bad laws on the books, that will be overturned at the first sign of controversy. ”-GOPMOM

You have done as little research on this law as you have ion the transgendered. It wont be overturned because if it could be you would let it through. A badly written , easily squashable law would serve your purpose and you know it isn’t.


GOPMOM blocked, censored and deleted comments that proved her and her arguements false till finally she blocked me completely. This is the end of any one sided tyrants arguments. The light of truth hurts too much.

"As I said to Darlie, I’m sorry you’ve been offended by my “benign” position."

If it was "benign" I would accept it in a moment. Unfortunately it was an uneducated, un-researched activist stance that traded on fear mongering and said nothing about the actual bill. Did you contest the terminology, the way the law was to be interpreted or perhaps provide proof by example that the law is already working to protect the transgender against the 16 times normal incidence of murder and violence ? No, you talk about how you feel sorry about them yet don't accept their" lifestyle" . You and your friends discriminate, keep them jobless , make them uninsurable and then flaunt your child like her safety is some how compromised by some little kid wearing a dress. How can you claim to be a parent and yet be so full of ice ? Pray to your fake god that you never have a TG child because that would be incredibly tragic for the child because as a mother you aren't worth a dime.

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